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Helscome our wiki, Homestar Runner Fanon! This is a website where fans of Homestar Runner can make up facts about the characters, items, places, and universe of Homestar Runner. "Fanon" is a portmanteau of "fan" and "canon", and that's exactly what this wiki is— canon by fans. Nothing on this wiki will make sense if you are unfamiliar with Homestar Runner, so you should check out the Homestar Runner Wiki to learn more.

You don't need an account to edit. To join Homestar Runner Fanon, click the "Create account" button in the top-right corner of the screen. Everything here is free, and learning how to edit is easy. Just go to Help:Editing to learn wiki-formatting, such as bold, italics, and links. Play around in the Sandbox to test out editing and formatting. Vandalism (such as spam) is not permitted, and will be reverted as soon as possible. Inappropriate, offensive, or insulting words are not tolerated either, and will be removed.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ. If your question is still not answered, ask any of the sysops. Thanks for visiting Homestar Runner Fanon! We hope to see what you can do with our favorite cartoon.